About Lisa Cesal

Lisa Cesal is an up-and-coming star in the battle to increase visibility for those with disabilities, including consulting, women’s health issues, and advocating for those who have difficulty speaking for themselves.

Her 2nd book is called “Take A Ride With Me,” chronicling the challenges, joy and pain of riding in “the disabled lane,” all the while hoping to make a difference by her example.
“The Hot & Tasty Disabled Cookbook” is her third book, and her first cookbook.

Lisa actively participates with various non-profits and councils which inform Illinois state laws regarding the disabled. She was recently selected for the Independent Living Center board, with final appointees hand-picked by Illinois governor JB Pritzker.

Lisa is huge foodie and loves to experiment and co-chef. This cookbook was inspired by Lisa’s desire to help other disabled people eat healthier, teaching how to create restaurant-quality home meals at a fraction of the cost of restaurants.